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Keloid Removal Cost

In the first stages of keloid development, these rebellious scars can be easily mistaken for moles. They are small, dark in color and have a very defined shape. However, after a few weeks, they start to get out of hand and the patient worries that he or she might be suffering from a serious condition. After a visit to a dermatologist, the diagnosis becomes clear: the person has developed keloid scars. Usually, at this stage, people ask about how to remove them or if there is some sort of procedure, surgical or not, that can help the containment of the scars. The answer that any medical doctor can readily provide is yes, there is a surgery and even some non – surgical treatment that can be applied. Alas, nobody tells the patient anything about the keloid removal costs. This is where things get pretty complicated.

After all, treatments of the non – cosmetic variety are, in general, covered by the patient’s health insurance company. However, this does not apply for keloid removal treatment, which makes its cost fairly high. It is not an impossibly large amount, but it might put some patients into doubt over following the treatment or not. The thing is that the procedures are necessary, since the keloid scars that spread throughout the skin of the face, neck and ears of the sufferer will get painful and itchy in time. When talking about the keloid removal costs, one stops and wonders if the money is well justified. Well, in a few words, the answer is yes, the cost is fair.

To understand that answer, let us take a closer look at what the removal process entails:
The appointment at the physician: the price can be rather steep if you visit one of the best dermatologists in town, but try not to skimp on this. You should always go to the best reviewed doctor available, no matter how much him or her charge for a consult. After all, there is a reason why everyone is recommending that particular person and, in the end, a wrong diagnosis will mean more money spent on trying to find out what your health problem really – Keloid Removal Cost
The diagnostic process:in general, an experienced dermatologist can tell if your skin problem is a keloid or if it needs further investigation. The aspect of the keloids themselves is pretty specific, but it is their size that usually gives them away. After all, they tend to span for more than five square centimeters. The real diagnostic problem appears when the keloids are in their first stages and they are hard to distinguish from any other skin disease, such as a type of skin cancer. This is where the expensive part comes in.
The tests:see, in special cases, the dermatologist will refer you to a surgeon just for the diagnosis. Why? Well, because he or she will do a biopsy. Now, that sounds scary and all, but it really is nothing to worry over: the biopsied tissue will be put under a microscope and the laboratory technicians will determine whether it is malignant or not. The biopsy results themselves take about three to five days to get back to your dermatologist. After that, the real treatment can begin.
The alternative treatments:starting with some sort of herbal remedies and working your way up to laser treatment, none of these things come in cheap. Usually, clinics that perform laser treatment are private and they charge a pretty penny for a nights’ stay and the patient should be there for at least three or four, if not more.
The surgery:in this type of surgery, there are at least five people in the operating theatre with the patient. The surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the surgical nurse, the nurse that monitors your blood pressure and oxygen levels and, in most cases, another surgeon, just to be on the safe side: these people are all there and they all have to be paid. Of course, then come the materials, the medication and everything else that is implied by an open procedure.
The aftercare: at least this one is fairly inexpensive. However, keep in mind that you do have to visit the physician again, for a check up on how the surgery went and to see if your skin is healing properly.
Now that you have an idea what the removal procedure entails, you can imagine why the keloid removal costs are so high. After all, there are more people working on getting you better than there are running some factories.