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Keloid Removal At Home

There is only one reason why someone would attempt a keloid removal at home: money. Usually, the keloid removal treatment is very expensive, since it is not covered by medical insurance companies. These companies believe keloids to be nothing more than some overly eager acne scarring and that it can be treated easily with a product such as a cream or some sort of other cosmetic procedures. Since not just anyone can afford such a keloid removal on their own dime and, to be honest, keloid scars have existed before the surgery to remove them was invented, people have developed all sorts of true and tested methods to fix keloids.

Of course, any sort of unlicensed treatment, considered natural, but not true and tested by specialists poses some sort of risks. The most important risk of natural products is that they can generate strong side – effects. Unfortunately, in this case, the cause of such side – effects is not completely clear, forcing the physicians to work blindly to try and fix the damage. A common side effect and one that is hard to block is skin rash. See, there are so many types of skin rash out there, that the treatment for one can become a worsening factor for others. Basically, if your rash appeared as result of a bout of keloid removal at home, finding the right cure is a trial and error process.

That is the downside of these natural treatments. What is the upside? Simple: they are cheap and easy to use. Once a patient understands that the herbal mixtures must be prepared with care, for them to work properly, everything starts to fall into place. There are people out there that swear over these types of home remedies and that claim to have never had surgery or any sort of specialized treatment for a day in their lives. Have they rid themselves completely of keloid scars? No, not really. But, then again, that is not exactly the point of keloid removal at home. The idea is to keep the big, ugly, brownish scars as contained as possible and as flat as they can get.

The most tried and tested methods of home remedies for keloids are the following:
Take some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and about the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and mix them together, until everything looks like a white or slightly yellow paste. You should apply directly on the keloid scar and in quite the amount, since it needs to burn of the keloid from your skin. You should try to not touch any part of the healthy skin with the paste, since it will cause a serious chemical burn.
Some people claim that apple cider vinegar can work wonders on small keloid scars. The treatment is a bit more elaborate than the one with the baking soda paste, but it is not as damaging to healthy skin as the other one. Basically, you have to apply the apple cider vinegar every half hour, let it dry and reapply after that. You should keep at it for at least ten hours. If your skin starts to look red and blotchy after the first couple of applications, you must dilute the vinegar with plain water. Try to keep the dilution as even as concentrated as possible, since every dilution will add more time to the application process.
Aspirin is said to be doing wonders on keloids, as well. You have to take about half a cup of water, crush enough aspirins in it to turn everything into a thick paste and apply it on the keloid. Just like the sodium bicarbonate paste, it will burn everything in it path, including healthy skin.
Garlic oil or crushed garlic, applied only on the scars, will burn them the fastest of all the methods mentioned so far. However, this type of treatment has to be closely monitored and the garlic immediately removed, if the patient feels the burning sensation spreading.
Do try and keep in mind that if the methods of keloid removal at home do not work from the first try, you should consult a physician before trying anything else, so as to avoid making the problem even worse.